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You have found the dream guy or girl whom you think is great, who is good to you and you really like. The most disappointing thing is if the person is not into you, then you feel miserable, beat-down and might just turn into a hopeless romantic. Embarrassing I know! They may say they like you in return just maybe out of pity so you won’t feel bad. I believe no one should be as pathetic as that so, here are a few signs to know if someone is into you or not.

-          Asks about your interests:
Everyone loves to talk about themselves in a good way but if someone asks a lot of questions about you, and pays attention to you, that means they are interested in you and are just imagining what having you would feel like. They would like to satisfy you in every way and make sure they do it right. They might just be secretly validating how awesome you might be so that they would brag about it to their families and friends.

-          Keeps their promises made to you
If they say they would call at a particular hour, even if they have to run 100 miles to get a phone, they would definitely call you. Players would usually cook up excuses as to why they could not keep a particular promise but if you mean much to them as they mean to you, they would sacrifice a lot just to keep their commitment to you.

-          Introduces you to friends and family
Someone who loves you genuinely would like their family and friends to see the amazing person you are inside that because you make them happy. They are head-over-heels in love with you and are not ashamed of showing it.

-          Never too busy for you
No matter how busy someone is, if they are into you, they would find time to fit you in their busy schedule because they value you and you matter to them. They don’t mind the kind of sacrifices to be made in order to spend at least a minute with you. To them, a minute spent with you is like the most precious minute of their heart.

-          Nervousness when you are around
Whenever you are around, notice if they stammer, nervously laugh or look away when you notice they are looking at you. They are trying hard to impress you without looking weird so that may be the best time for you to make them comfortable and telling them how you really feel.

-          Compliments

Compliments are one of the quickest ways to know if they are into you. It doesn’t matter to them if you are donning a saggy sweater or a cute pair of trousers. You will always look attractive and cute to them.

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