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Russian Roulette Movie : A spark that made a fire

A Cameroonian movie, still to be released, is generating a great following on the cyberspace. Russian Roulette, the title, is a movie whose release is highly anticipated.

According to the Producer Tebo Njei, the project began when he first read the script of intrigue virtuoso Chenui Franzel. “The initial untitled draft of the movie” says Tebo “caught my attention as prime entertainment material. Since then we collaborated on the later drafts of the screenplay and the title became the perfect choice since the story's plot runs around the infamously dangerous game believed to have originated from nineteenth century Russia.”

"The movie caught my attention as prime entertainment material" Tebo Njei

This script did not only catch the attention of Tebo Njei… It did much more. Award winning Anurin Nwuembom was captivated by the script. So was Ecran Noire’s Best film winner Nkanya Nkwai and French Screen gem Alain Bomo Bomo amongst others. They all star in the movie. 

This was the drive of the Producer who through his film production house, Lapin Rouge, assembled a formidable team of filmmakers and assembled the best equipment for the movie to make it happen.
Since then Russian Roulette is growing into an out-of-the box Cameroonian movie project that will not only feed your eyes with mind blowing quality but also keep you glued to your chair with the intrigue.

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