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Being sexy is not all about exposing nearly all our body parts. Most people confuse sexiness with nakedness but then there is a big difference between the two. A lot of girls often find themselves earning the reputation of slut, or at least find themselves being called cheap because of some extremely cute outfit they thought looked absolutely amazing & sexy. Here are some guides, the dos & don'ts and the fine line between slutty & sexy!

* if you must expose any body part then only show one body part with any outfit and that body part can't be shown to an extreme. Body parts include thighs (shown by wearing a mini skirt or short shorts), cleavage (by wearing a low-necked top) and the midriff (by wearing a short shirt, etc.) So, for any outfit remember to only show one of these three body parts.

*Ask yourself when you look in the mirror when wearing your next questionable outfit: Do I look beautiful or hot? If you said "hot" then you need to change your outfit. There is a subtle difference between beautiful and hot that many people can detect which, ultimately, influences the perception of "trashy" and "sexy."

*if you love the little midriff showing tops or skimpy tops, here's a quick fix! Wear a cute blazer, or a cardigan of any sort. This will make your outfit subtle, yet still sex

Most guys prefer things to be left to the imagination. If you reveal everything at once, they will only see you as an object, not as a real, mysterious person who they want to get to know.

* Keep it classy. The difference between trashiness and beauty is just pure class

*The line between 'flirty' and 'tarty' often changes with the occasion. In more casual situations, you can be more lax about what you're showing. Be especially mindful of school related events, religious ceremonies, or any time common sense dictates that you ought to cover up a bit.

* Everyone has different opinions and standards of modesty. While you should aim for a middle ground, what really matters is whether YOU feel good in it

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