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5 things successful people don't tell you - Fab-book

What will be your reaction if your bell rings and you open to Etoo Fils offering you a free tour all day throughout the capital city, Yaoundé? Oh I just heard someone scream. I saw someone raise their eyebrows and their eyes widen in excitement. I felt another person smile broadly.

Everyone wants to be successful. What's more, everyone wants to connect to success. But did you know that successful people have something they keep so secretly because they restrain access into the league of successful men? Did you know that there is a deep truth veiled in the bossom of their lavish lifestyle and envious game and glory.

Well, what I am about to do is a great risk, but I will do it anyway. I am going to expose my life to the danger of being silenced and reveal to you five things really successful people don't tell you.

1. They never used occultism. They seized opportunities with their talent.

It's an African myth and belief that those who make it have to soak their hand in blood. They have to do human sacrifices and join cults. Well... I don't deny that. It happens and it's real. But the successful people don't tell you that this information is a manipulation to get into cultism. The average human being has EVERYTHING they need to make them successful. The difference between the successful and the failures is the level of discovery of their inmate super powers that comes naturally from God.

A majority of successful people got there by being at the right place at the right time with the right person with the right idea needed to generate clean money out of  a profitable project. They bore in mind they will suceed and prepared for it waiting for the right time to strike and when that time came, they shit not to miss. Those who join the occult and mystical societies are those who never understood this basic principle.

Don't fall in the trap of such lies. Work hard and prepare, have faith, pray and wait for the right opportunity. When the opportunity comes, strike nit to miss.

2. Success is not a destination of luxury and glamour, it is a process of smart work, patience and persistence.

In this world, you don't get rich quick. You build a mechanism that makes money to multiply. It is the multiplication that makes you rich. To build that mechanism, rich people work hard, work smart, are rejected several times but still insist, fail several times but still persist, and (my oh my) wait for long periods for their breakthrough to finally come. When you get rich quick, you likely get poor quick because you hardly remember the process and do repeating it is hard.

Don't be fooled by the end where hard work has paid off. It does not happen overnight. Learn wisdom by being part of the process and in that way you can catch as many fish ad you want depending on the size of your boat. The riches you see with most famous people is propaganda. It's the selling of ilusion where you believe life is just that easy. Life only becomes easy when you have worked hard for it. When you have built a mechanism that multiplies you wealth and success.

3. Successful people are not afraid to dream big. They saw the end of their lives and traced a path from the future to the present.

Successful people are very specific on what they want and how to go about it detaily. Without that you are groping in the dark. You are a driver with no destination that will follow every twist and turn. Being specific about what you want births focus and focus births efficiency plus effectiveness and all this makes you unbeatable in the path to glorious success.   Successful people make plans and stick to them. These plans filter their friends, their places they visit, the activities they carry out, their choices, decisions and lifestyle. Successful people think different and don't focus on opinions on facts they have proven by themselves. They don't depend on status quo but on faith in a God that can do all things and a believe that is so string the universe aligns to it.

The trick about this is that it can't be thought. It can only be experienced and that is why successful people can hardly tell you their secrets. You can only discover it by going through what they went through. The sacrifice, the sleepless nights, the rejection, the mockery and the pains. They don't tell you these because they themselves want to forget. They only brandish the success because that is what everyone loves and wants to see. Now that you know, Pat the price ;-)

Well if you want to know about the other two, stay tuned to fab-book. See y'all later.

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