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5 things that happen to your body when you stop eating sugar - Fab-book

I've been awash with a sudden wave of sugar cravings these past few months... I've consumed so much bread and sweet things I literally look it. See, I know that too much sugar is not healthy but knowing and controlling are not the same thing apparently. When I see a creamy cake at a birthday party, I want to sink my teeth into the whole thing. From small chocolate bars to big birthday cakes, I'm the typical description of a "sweet tooth". Till I began to notice it's effects on my body. The effects of sugar range anywhere from weight gain to poor skin. Trust me all those added sugars you are consuming are killing you!!

Sugar is very delicious and tempting, I'm a first-hand witness to that fact. A lot of the packaged "food" sold in the markets today are laden with sugar, not to talk of all the sweet drinks. Most people consume more sugar than they should and mind you, these people don't sit down in one place eating one cube or spoonful of white sugar after the other. They consume it in most refined and packaged foods found in our market places and grocery stores. To stop consuming sugar therefore will not only mean stopping white sugar but also foods in which it is found. If you are eating loads of bread, potato chips, pasta, and fries, then you are just consuming sugar in a different form Now is that easy after years of consumption? I highly doubt that it's easy but the effects are worth the risk. 

1.You will lose weight. Did you know a small change in diet could drastically affect your weight loss process in a positive way? Sounds too good to be true right? But yes indeed quitting sugar could put you on a much easier path to your weight loss goals. Eating a lot of sugar over a long period of time causes your body to develop a resistance to the hormone,insulin, which causes our bodies to store extra fat and slow down the metabolism. have you noticed your waistline increasing of late? You may want to check your diet because believe it or not your body reflects what is going on inside. Cut back on the sugar and watch these amazing changes happen.

2.Slow down the aging process. As incredible as this sounds, sugar ages you. I bet you are thinking that it's just a food group and it can't possibly affect you that much. But it can and this is how. In a process called glycation, sugar attaches itself to the collagen in our skin and other parts of the body and this causes inflammation and also reduces the effectiveness of both elastin and collagen which are the proteins in our skin that help it stay youthful. When these proteins don't work well, the skin becomes dull, dry and old. Glycation can't be stopped of course but it can be slowed down. Quitting sugar can help with this.

3.Your skin will thank you. Sugar has been found to aggravate acne or in some cases even trigger it. Quitting sugar could go a long way in your battle against acne. Aggravated acne is usually your skin's way to react to inflammation and since we have established in the above point that sugar causes inflammation, therefore eliminating sugar from your diet could be of great help to your skin. According to the Rosacea research and development institute, sugar is the main fuel that burns the inflammation seen in rosacea

4.You will have more energy. Sure enough sugar is said to give a quick boost of energy but in the long run it is counterproductive. The more sugar you consume, the less energetic you are. Have you found yourself being slow and tiring easily of late? Perhaps you've just found your culprit - sugar.

5. You'll sleep better. Blood sugar issues have been proven to be the second major cause of insomnia. When you ditch refined carbs and sugar especially before you sleep, you will avoid an increase in blood sugar levels that makes you stay up all night. If you absolutely need to snack before bed try something with fibre or eat some whole grains instead.

These are just a few of the benefits of quitting sugar. Now I know it's very difficult to quit sugar completely but you may want to start with quitting all sugar that is not naturally occurring. I am about to begin a 30 day no sugar challenge and I will document it day by day on the blog. Be sure to follow, share, comment and why not join me

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