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Woman Says Asteroid would soon Hit the earth in a "prophecy" of Doom (video) - Fab-book

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Could the Apocalypse be upon us? A couple of days back popular Cameroonian promoter and blogger, Maybelle Boma, shared a video of what appears to be an African woman making a doom-filled prophecy on her Facebook timeline. As I watched the video, I had mixed feelings I couldn't help but wonder if the "prophecy" was real or was the woman some charlatan. She claimed God showed her a vision in which a stone ball on fire hit the earth with devastating impacts on many continents of the world; with America receiving the hardest hit. She urged people to make right with God and prepare themselves for the upcoming disaster

Whether her predictions are real or not,we are in the end times and I may not know what to make of her but the video sure is spooky as heck. Watch below and tell us what you make of it

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