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Sperm Donor With 19 Children All Over The World Meets Them All Together - Fab-book

A man with 19 children all over the world has met most of them for the first time. Michael Rubino, a sperm donor, was able to meet his brood courtesy of Inside Edition.
The newsmagazine brought Michael Rubino and the kids together in an experience he said was "very exciting" and "a little surreal." His children range in age from 16 to 21.

He told Inside edition: "I knew when I was a donor I expected if I was lucky I’d meet two or three. I loved them each immediately when I met them."
In his 30's, Rubino, an artist, decided to become a donor to help others start families. Although most donors choose to remain anonymous, Rubino did not mind
"I want to put in my file if any turn up at any time, I'm available. I was looking forward (to meeting them)," he said. 
Before he knew it, more and more kids started contacting him and he would write back right away. Rubino was excited to meet his chidlren and all the children were excited to meet each other and also noted their similarities. At least 11 of them have blue eye, just like their father, and they all have bubbly energy. 

Rubino opened his home to the kids. There are photos of each of them around the house. With all 19 kids scattered across the globe, it is believed that social media will help keep them connected.
See the video from their meeting and more photos below.

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