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CAMEROON: Mass graves Uncovered In the Anglophone Zones | Fab-book

In a recent report by The Post Newspaper, midnight Mass burials are said to be taking place in Buea, capital of the South West Region of Cameroon. On October 1, many Anglophone protesters were killed and the death toll kept rising even afterwards. Many of these dead bodies have not been recovered.

It is reported that the army are dumping the bodies in mass graves with the burials carried out at midnight. It is bad to die in a by a bullet but worst is to be killed and secretly buried without the knowledge of family and loved ones, just as if you did not matter at all.

This just goes to confirm that a genocide has been taking place in the Anglophone zone and the authorities that be are trying ever so hard to cover it up

Ashu Kingsley gives a detailed report on this. Read his report below

The Genocide in Southern Cameroons ! The Post News Paper has Uncover mass graves of our People killed on October 1st and buried under the cover of darkness by Biya Paul.

The greatest Evil of all times is to killed Someone and still secretly buried him. Its Like attending the funeral of someone you carefully killed to foster your own evil intend.The greatest Evil of all time is to kill Someone who comes out to Peacefully Protest for Self Determination.

After 1st October mass killings, a close friend told me in confidence that someone he knew within the regime and drives a colonel of La Republique government, told him that the junction going to class quarters and razel street around Bongo square in Buea wittiness the greatest number of death. The Military killed over 50 youths who hide under the culvert after the harmless Youths were surrendered at all front. He equally talks about the the existence of mass graves. The Post news Paper had now uncover the mass graves.

Over 200 Southern Cameroonians have been buried in these Mass graves, Over 1000 arrested and detained in secrete Prisons in Yaounde. I have Not stop crying for this mass graves. The resistance have not started. But watch out for God's judgement Genocide Master- Mr Biya Paul. Take it from me, Territory Name Southern Cameroons Will Never be Part of La Republique as we cry.#Stopthegenocideinsoutherncameroons

 — feeling heartbroken.
See newspaper clip below

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