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Milan ATAM, Southern Cameroons Governing Council Secretary General RESIGNS Honourably - Akoson Pauline Diale | Fab-book

As reported a few minutes ago by the vibrant Southern Cameroonian female Activist Akoson Pauline mostly called Amba Queen , Southern Cameroons is surely building a genuine democratic nation that will set the pace in Africa.
She writes ;

In a 22 page report on all financial transactions concerning the SG submitted to the Governing Council, the SG has resigned. Hear him; "... we want to build a new nation, it must start now with transparency, justice and service to the people. I strongly suggest that where there is wrong doing, the culprit (including myself) should be exposed and our people should be informed. I also ask that with the Audit reports now out and presented to the world, the Governing Council issues an official statement clearing me of any misdemeanor or financial misappropriation if found not guilty..."
My Comment: This is the sort of Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia we want to build. Milan has shamed naysayers and acted like a true democrat. This is something La Republique men can never do; instead, they'd be promoted for even killing citizens.
I bet that our new nation shall become the citadel of democracy in the world. Milan is pacesetting that. This platform salutes such honorable and gentlemanly attitude of his.
The struggle continues.
From a federalist to a nationalist / 'independentist'. The Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia MUST be free.

This honourable resignation seems to be a major step up news for her followers and most observers all around the world.  It has kind of introduced a fresh atmosphere ever since the rumours of strains happening with the conclave in Nigeria. This shows maturity of a people seeking their rights to self determination. With this great news, the conclave may give birth to many good news and establish a great sense of purposeful unity before its end. Our ears on the ground  to update you with every detail.

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