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The October 1 Declaration of Independence was decisive, final, and irreversible - Dr Susungi | Fab-book

The finality of the 1st October Declaration
The problem facing the power elite in Yaounde and most francophones is that they still believe that the 1st October declaration was only symbolic. In fact it was decisive final and irreversible. The independence of every nation always starts with a declaration and once made it cannot be reversed. The current bloodshed Southern Cameroons is the price that the Southern Cameroons is paying in order to make sure that the boundary pillars listed in Anglo French boundary treaty of 1931 marks the boundary between two sovereign nations: La Republique du Cameroun and the Republic of Ambazonia. It is only a matter of time before Paul Biya's army finally withdraws from Southern Cameroons and when they do, they will never come back.

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