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Life can be challenging sometimes. No, scratch that. There is always a new challenge in our day to day lives. But having a house to come home to after a challenging or stressful day is a blessing. A blessing most of us take for granted.

It's not until you experience a challenge that includes not having a place to lay your head that you can really understand the importance of a house and a home. If this were to happen in Africa and particularly in your home country, in typical African hospitality someone will take you in, be it your family, neighbours, or pure strangers. 

But being stranded and homeless in a foreign country is not a jolly ride. It is the worst experience. Not only are people in a foreign country generally not very hospitable, there is the fear that even the ones who might take you in may cause you harm in your sleep lol. Now those are just a few of the horrible things that can happen if you get stranded in a foreign country and what's more, a foreign Arab country.

Fonkeng Dolly, a Cameroonian Youtube Vlogger based in Dubai in her most recent vlog recounts a very touching story of being homeless in Dubai

 Have you ever been homeless or stranded before? if so, tell us about your experience in the comment section.

Watch the video below and be sure to share

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