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Meet The Catholic Priest Who Quit The Catholic Church in Order to Get Married | Fab-book

Father Gospel .J. Inalegwu, a former Kano-based priest who recently quit the Catholic Church, tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend last Saturday in Abuja.
Below is the report by Facebook user Shadrack...
"During the week I made a post of a Rev Fr Gospel Inaelegwu who resigned the Priesthood to get married to his long time girlfriend in his home town in Benue State, during the weekend Yesterday (Saturday) the church wedding was in a church known as the Old Catholic Church in Abuja Nigeria headed by another runaway Rev Fr Rapheal Fagbohun who was once a police officer as well and now the bishop of the Old Catholic Church but later dismissed due to mismanagement of Church funds (CAFON) and embezzlement of Church members funds which was done through his shaddy bank called CAFON Micro Finance Bank
The old Catholic church is a church where priests who resigned from priesthood solemnize their weddings. It is not a part of the Roman Catholic Church neither do they owe allegaince to Rome, they in schism for a long period of time now."

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