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GOSPEL SPOTLIGHT: Get to Know All About USA-based Cameroonian Gospel Minister, Pandita Njoh + videos | Fab-book

This weekend our spotlight shines on a very beautiful and talented Cameroonian Gospel singer based in the USA. We caught up with her during her busy schedule and got to have a very interesting chat with her. She is not only beautiful, she is also funny and lively. Read everything about her in our discussion below and also get to watch her beautiful and inspirational music.

Tell us about yourself, do you have a particular stage name or do you use your full name?
Let me say, thank you FAB BOOK for this great opportunity.
Hello there! I am Pandita Njoh Eta, I go by Pandita Njoh. I don’t have any stage name. I wouldn’t want people confusing me when talking about me or my music. So I make it easier for them (haha). So more about me. I come from the great town of Mamfe. I am married and the first of 9 children (and yes my parents were great like that lol). I will try and make this reading less boring for you. So please bear with me on this one 
- Have you always loved music and when did you start singing?
I had some love for music growing up with my aunty and grandma back in Mamfe. However, when I moved to Yaounde in 2002 for my secondary education, my love for music grow even stronger. I later joined the choir club with my not-so-good voice, most especially at that time. I was part of the children’s choir and all, and met great choir leaders and musicians who encouraged and supported me in-spite of my crooked voice lol

- What made you choose Gospel?
I have known nothing else but God all my life. I had the opportunity to be raised the Godly way thanks to my late aunty Mary Takem. At a very tender age, the reverence for God was instilled in me. As I grew older, all I wanted to do was serve him to the best of my ability. Over the years, God’s plan for my life and his calling over my life became more evident. I needed no one else to tell me what I had to do.

- How would you define your beliefs?
Amongst the many laws and instructions in the bible, one striking belief I have is in God’s love for us. One word that drives me is “Love”. As much as I have received of God, is what I want to share with those I meet on a daily basis (Math ch 10 v 8b). No wonder Christ gave us two commandments and, Love was the second one. If you love everyone you would do the right thing and you would be at peace.

- How would you describe the Gospel music scene in the diaspora?
I would say the struggles and barriers Cameroonian gospel music is facing back home is the same times hundredth (hahaha). We don’t receive enough support not from the general public, not from our fathers and mothers in the lord who are to set the stage for us and give us those opportunities. Notwithstanding, there are amazing people who do support to the best of their abilities and work tirelessly to make sure we give our best.
- Have there been challenges on your artistic/ministerial journey especially out there?

Yes there are always challenges. I have also had a lot of breakthroughs and open doors- I can’t forget that. A big challenge is the financial aspect. Being that at this point, I am in independent artist and get to finance everything on my own, it becomes challenging to do what I really want to do sometimes. Music production is not cheap, most especially in the diaspora. People love familiarity and comfort zones. When they don’t know you, it’s difficult for them to connect with you. But I trust all of that will come with time. I recall on many accounts people have asked me “Cameroon also has gospel music?!”

- What has been your support system? Family, Friends?
My number one support system is my family. They have always been there for me and always supported me to the best of their abilities. The next set of people are my friends, especially those very close to me. Followed by the general public. There are people who support me so dearly that I have never met. It really is humbling and encouraging when I come across some of these situations. Let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!
- Apart from music, what else are you passionate about?
I am very passionate about the health field. Caring for people, showing ‘LOVE’ towards people during one of their lowest points in life brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I love anything in general that makes people feel loved and cared for in the Godly kind of way.
- How long have you been singing professionally and how many songs have you released?
I released my first single in 2012. Which means I have been doing so professionally for 6 years now. I have released 4 songs since then. After my first song, I did not do anything in the studio for about 4 years and only returned in late 2016. I was however involved with other activities such as; charity work, school, worship events, and attending to special invitations for ministrations.

- Do you have an album?
I know this question is being asked by so many people who come across any one of my songs. At this point, no I don’t have any-Yet. It will come. There is always a time for everything. I want to give God the best of my sacrifice, my worship and my praise. In order to do that, I need time and resources.
- Sounds interesting. What have been the responses so far?
I would say, the responses have been amazing. It is really encouraging and strengthening, when you receive support from strangers and not just those around you. Sometimes you might wonder if their words are biased (hahaha).

- Do you see yourself doing a collabo with a secular artist at any point in your career?
Whatever God would have me do I will do it. If that is what will give God the glory, yes I will. Whenever I want to do anything, I seek God’s approval. Now let me add that, sometimes we make life so complicated when it should not be. I always say, if we are confused about what to do in a particular situation, let us put ourselves in the place of Christ and ask “what would Jesus have done instead”. Another word that drives me is ‘intent’. What is the person’s intention for singing or doing that song? If na to give God praise, who am I to stop that, abi are you praising or worshipping me? Lol
Someone (a non-gospel artist) once asked to do a collab with me. The question I asked was ‘what is your intention in doing this?’ Their response was genuine and they said to me: “ am just so grateful to God for everything he has done for me and I want to praise him in song” Now tell me, how do you say ‘NO’ to that?
Upcoming projects in 2018?
Yes, I do. This one if I don’t, even God would frown at me from his throne (hahaha)

- What would you advice a youth aspiring to step into the Gospel music and arts world
Ask yourself a few questions. What is driving you? Do you really understand the meaning of a gospel artist/praise & worship leader, what are your intentions for this? Remember that Cameroon gospel sector is still like a baby, be patient with it, and work in your own little way to improve it. Don’t be too concerned about making the ‘big break’, we are different from the secular artists in that, our number one audience is God. Once he approves of you and what you are doing, everyone else can forever remain silent. God who has called you will sustain you. Be teachable, serve in your local church, be careful who your mentor is, and be careful your circle of friends for your company will either propel you or shut you down. I Prov Ch. 13 v 20, Prov ch 27 v 17.
- Any last words...
Go in with a mindset of love where ever you go. Being the good and caring one is not easy, but keep going, I encourage. The end will be glorious. I pray for you, that God will meet you in your point of need and give you peace in every situation. Love you all.
Thank you FAB book for this opportunity once again, and reward you abundantly for your work in the vineyard.
Watch another of her videos below


  1. This is rich. Thanks min Pandita. May the Lord continue to empower you in all u do for him do that we will keep being blessed. I am encouraged.

    1. God richly bless you too minister Evelyn. You are beyond amazing o


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