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GOSPEL SPOTLIGHT: Prosper Menko, Get to Know the Man Behind The Music | Fab-book

It's another edition of Gospel Spotlight and yes we know we took a brief hiatus but we back and bring you the best of the best in the Gospel music field in Cameroon. Prosper Menko is today's artist and believe you me he is one of the voices to look out for in 237 Gospel music. We caught up with him in his busy schedule and he took out time to tell us some beautiful things we didn't know about him (well some we did know). Take your time and read all the beautiful details as this anointed Minister tells us without restraint. And yes! you can also watch some of his videos within the interview. Exciting right? Now let's delve in...

- Who is Prosper? Tell us about yourself

Prosper Menko is a Gospel Music minister hailing from Christ Embassy where he is a choir member, music minister and music director. He is a pure lover of music to an extend it flows through everything he does... prosper is also so much into media to which he loves to a fault.

- Have you always loved music and when did you start singing?

I have always loved music since before I was born and it flowed through my veins because my dad was a musician too so I grew up in that kinda environment
I started singing like real singing in 2001 in my boarding school after being inspired by some leaders in church... started with Accapela and everyone in my class wanted to join my Accapela group “star things” lol

                                                                                        STPPL Dla

- What made you choose Gospel?

I chose gospel because I realized God gave me this voice for that purpose so I can only but fulfill that purpose... the choice wasn’t mine to make but to obey.. a lot is depending on me ... souls have to be saved and imparted by me... and if I don’t do that then I have failed...

- What beliefs guide your music?

Talking about that I think the only thing I believe in is the Holy Spirit given to us by Jesus himself
He is my inspiration and guide.. He is my song writer not me

- Have there been challenges on your artistic/ministerial journey?

None of which were more than the Holy Ghost to handle but sure there have been challenges...
I used to think I needed people to do the work but I realized all I needed was the Holy Spirit and He has already given me everything I need even the people to work with me .
I don’t find it a challenge that some people dont want to flow with gospel... No! It just tells me I need to look for a better way to get to them with the word using new strategies

- Apart from music, what else are you passionate about?

Was anxiously waiting for this question ... haha
Am passionate about visual communication
And computers ... yes I am..!
I love working with gadgets a lot .. all kinds.. and I am also a professional in graphic designing and updating to video editing and commercial advertisement  so I also like being behind the scenes too it’s fun.. you control the whole thing better behind than in front...
Also movies is my thing... love acting and I just realized I really want to put some time into that aspect of my life
Afrima 2017

IPPC Lagos

- How many releases do you have so far? Tell us about them…

I used to release lots of stuffs way back when I was still trying to know who I am but I don’t consider them now .. but for my official releases there are 4
Holy Ghost party
Belle weh

Plenty more to come as a matter of fact releasing one very soon you will get full info on my social media handles

- Sounds interesting. What has been the response so far?

Well I thank God for he has been blessing supernaturally ... people have been responding so far very well ... it has gotten me norminations in a few awards for example the AFRIMA 2017 in Lagos Nigeria gotten me on stages in South Africa Nigeria and beyond with the likes of Eben, Chris Shalom, TB1, Isaiah Samsun , Agent Snypa, Viva, Trusouth, Izrael and many more

My songs have been used for praise and worship in church all around the world even in parties

All the glory goes to God for his handiwork in my life

- Do you intend to release an album any time soon?

Working on an album titled "Winner" it’s soon getting to your TV screen and phones but before then plenty supernatural releases
Prosper with Frank Edwards

Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts South Africa

- Do you see yourself doing a collabo with a secular artist at any point in your career?

I move by the Spirit.  If the Holy Spirit tells me to do that I will not refuse but to my knowledge right now He hasn’t so it’s still a no no

- Upcoming projects in 2018?

Video soon... another one .. yes!
Album too coming so just stay glued to your statuses

- What would you advice a youth aspiring to step into the Gospel music and arts world

First thing I will say is don’t be in a haste and follow the leading of the spirit but don’t end there
Just know that everything that will happen to you is by your effort because the Holy Spirit has already given you everything you need..:
Believe in the ability given to you by the holy ghost and drive... and work on yourself by character, skill and push
with Kibonen of Kibonen NY

At total experience Yaounde

- Any last words…

First of all I want to thank Fab book for this awesome opportunity to share a few words... they are awesome...
And a big thanks to my lovely fans and family on social media and beyond for the love and support... you are favoured and blessed .... just know the Holy Spirit in me will never disappoint.. the good work started in me will surely come to a glorious finish in its due time... God bless you and stay blessed

Watch his latest video, Belle Weh below

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